Woodturnings that highlight the unique grain and flaws of the wood are hard to find. Maurice Clabaugh makes this niche his speciality. A self-taught artisan, he manipulates the wood to accentuate each piece's distinctiveness. Whether designing an open or closed bowl, hollow form or sculpture, Maurice takes the time to communicate with nature's beauty. He allows the wood to "speak through him" and he hopes others will appreciate the beauty he has discovered.

He refuses to fell living trees and rarely uses exotic hardwoods (and then only those grown on plantations). Maurice uses wood that has been discarded by others as useless or impossible to turn. His challenge is to take these discarded pieces and reveal their beauty.

Maurice's work has recently received several awards in juried art shows. He gives demonstrations and lessons for both individuals and groups. Additionally, many of his recent pieces are available directly through galleries around the United States..